The Digital Workplace Is Here

Organizations around the world use an average of 16 SaaS applications now. That means your team is probably losing a lot of time going back and forth between applications. Each application has a specialty use case depending on the type of work and what department is using it.

A digital workplace is a central place where all of your important operations data lives and moves. While 95 percent of the organizations around the world agree that a digital workplace is important, only 38 percent of companies have actually implemented it.

As more and more employees are looking for remote work opportunities, it has become crucial for organizations to implement digital workplace platforms as part of their digital transformation strategy.

4 Key Takeaways

  1. SaaS is a runaway train that’s showing no signs of stopping. Companies use 16 SaaS apps on average today, up 33% from last year. 73% of organizations say nearly all (80%+) of their apps will be SaaS by 2020.
  2. As a result, a new type of workplace called the SaaS-Powered Workplace is emerging. 38% of companies are already running almost entirely on SaaS. This new enterprise is the SaaS-Powered Workplace.
  3. It creates incredible benefits like bolstering communication, cutting costs, attracting better talent, and improving employee satisfaction.
  4. Digital brokers will provide to employers at no cost SaaS simplify life for both the employer and the brokers that manage your employees. Typically brokers are compensated from the carriers they represent, so there is no pass-through cost to the employer





May 2017

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