Employer groups create your employee HSA account now by clicking on the button above. Online enrollment is quick and easy. The process follows the steps below.

  1. Click on the button above to go to our online employer enrollment form.
  2. Once the employer has been enrolled, the employer will be sent an e-mail (if an email address was provided) that directs them to their personal employer portal.
  3. The employer can then log on to their employer portal to create accounts for individual employees. They can do this by entering each employee individually or by uploading a digital file with the correct information fields. Due to privacy restrictions, the employer maintains control over who can view their portal.
  4. Account will be opened once the employees have passed a government required identity screening process (part of the USA PATRIOT Act). This will take one business day.
  5. Once an account is opened, the account holders will be mailed a debit card and welcome kit. For individuals who want to learn more they can visit the learning site. Once the account is created, individuals can also access our online member guide for additional helpful information