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As a client of Mid Michigan Health Insurance Advisors (MMHIA, employers have access to a full suite of value-added HR technologies to handle everything from enrollment to compliance.

Effortless HR

EffortlessHR is a full-featured web-based HRIS platform for small and medium business (SMB). By providing features such as employee management, an online employee portal, time clock, time off requests, accrual tracking, benefits assignment, property tracking, online file storage, and more, EffortlessHR aims to an all-in-one tool for management of employees. Using the applicant tracking system (ATS), users can also accept online applications on your own website and manage candidate pre-screening and on-boarding. Get a two week trial to DEMO the software at no cost or obligation. MMHIA provides the software to all companies that maintain more than 50 full time equivalent employees at no cost.

  • Get policies, forms, regulations, best practices, audit checklist, employee handbook and more.
  • Certified HR Pros available via phone or live chat.
  • Get trends and regulatory alerts in real time.
  • Training webinars that cover a variety of HR and employee management topics.
  • Recruitment tips, project management courses, compensation surveys, benefit benchmarking, and more.

Gusto Payroll Service

Gusto Payroll seamlessly integrates with EffortlessHR software there are many advantages, click the toggle below for more information

Why Gusto?

Many S-corps and sole proprietors rely on part-time or contract-based employees. That means a payroll solution that can compensate both full- and part-time W-2 employees is crucial for these types of businesses. An ideal payroll solution will also offer payment options for freelancers, consultants and other 1099 contractors. The best software is one where designating employee type within an organization is as simple as switching their status within the software. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to pay multiple employee types, and it should treat all types of workers the same, including W-2 and 1099 contractors. After that, paying employees should be quick and easy. To make certain you are in the best payroll software application for your company Gusto will compare over 190 vendors at no cost or obligation

Employee Benefit Portal

An “all-in-one” employee benefits education and orientation management platform that enhances the employer/employee user experience, helping employers to be more proactive in helping employees to maximum benefit usage. Through our financial services division, employee have access to learning modules for retirement planning, college preparation for children, Social Security Retirement Income and much more. Click the toggle below to see all advantages


  • Be a champion for employees, by giving them benefit orientation from their smartphones and mobile devices
  • Provide a superior communication platform. Our benefit portal provides better employee engagement
  • Online repository of benefit documents
  • Online user community, chat tool, online member support


  • Enroll or make elections from any device.
  • Online learning, get the most out 401K (retire early and wealthy), More education on health insurance.
  • 24 hour 365 days a year access to benefits information and online learning, and online user community
  • Online chat support during business hours, integration of payroll, HR Admin software and Benefit portal provides a robust suite of benefits for employees
  • Access to top advisors in the Country via online support, or call toll free to our benefits depart during office hours

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