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David Newbill provides FREE educational resources to seniors. He help answer questions and educate seniors on the many new benefits now available to adults on Medicare, helping them access thousands in available government program dollars. He is supported by Medicare Insurance Companies, and offer his service to the public at no cost.

David help seniors with the following services:

* Lower RX Drug Costs
* Explain Options
* Free Gym Memberships
* Help Veterans With Medicare
* Help Apply for Medicare
* Explain Medicare

* Lower Health Premiums
* Access thousands in Medicare Dental
* Access Thousands in Hearing Aids
* Help Apply for Medicaid
* Help Apply for Low Income Subsidy
* Compare Local Options

He can also help in getting any extra government assistance

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Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program within Part C of Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans provide a managed care plan such as a health maintenance organization (HMO) as well as a preferred provider organization (PPO). People interested in Medicare Advantage plans must first sign up for both Parts A and B of Medicare. All three of these Parts of Medicare A, B and C are administered by private insurance companies.

Medicare Part A provides payments for in-patient hospital, hospice and skilled nursing services, excluding those of physicians and surgeons. Part B provides payments to physicians and surgeons in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, as well as for medically necessary outpatient hospital services such as ER, laboratory, X-rays and diagnostic tests, certain preventative medical services, and certain durable medical equipment and supplies.

Part C health plans, including Medicare Advantage plans, not only cover the same medical services as Parts A and B but also typically include an annual physical exam and vision and/or dental coverage of some sort not covered under Original Medicare. Less often, hearing and wellness benefits not found in Original Medicare are included in a Medicare Advantage plan. The most important difference between a Part C health plan and Original Medicare is that all Part C plans include a limit on how much a beneficiary will have to spend annually out of pocket; that amount is unlimited in Original Medicare.



Other Professional Services Provided

David Newbill, provide Simples, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), Asset Protection, Life Insurance Group and Individual,Annuities, Retirement Planning, 401k planning and management, Buy-Sell-Agreements (Owners and Employees) and much more. He gives all of our clients personal attention with timely response and diligence.