[STEP 1] Understanding the Science: Watch Video

[STEP 2] Download Patient Instruction Letter

[STEP 3] Download Doctor Patient Request Letter

[STEP 4] Notify your representative


Once you have delivered your Doctor Request for Testing Letter. We will take care of everything else.


Once your doctor is setup for testing we will schedule your appointment for you to get tested with your doctor

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Email: Petrina@mmhia.com

Frequently Asked Questions: Get the FAQs

1. Who is your lab?

Admera is the top laboratory in the country with the most comprehensive PGx testing and reporting. Click here to visit website.

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2. What if my doctor have questions?

We have prepared a comprehensive FAQ sheet for your doctor. It can be viewed by clicking here 

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3. Is there a sample lab report I can review?

Yes! Click here to view or download sample report.

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4. What is the lab's credentials?

.Admera Health stands out as a solid, credible and experienced player in the pharmacogenetic services arena. Admera began as the clinical lab for the parent company, GENEWIZ, a thought leader in this industry. GENEWIZ is a leading global genomics service company established in 1999. Get the full report click here.

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5. What insurance covers the cost of this type of test?

It varies from State to State. Click here for a comprehensive list of carriers that are known to reimburse the lab for PGx testing

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6. What are my options if I currently have no insurance?

  • Work with your Health Advocate Rep in exploring options with:

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Private Insurance

It is their goal to assist in getting comprehensive affordable coverage for Major Medical, Rx and lab testing as well

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7. Do I need a letter of medical necessity for my test?

It depends on your insurance carrier, some Medicaid and Medicare test may require it. Typically it will be enclosed with your testing supply kit. You can also download it by clicking here.

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8. Does my State cover Medicaid?

There are 13 States that accept Medicaid for PGx testing. Click here for the list.

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9. Why is this not a mandatory test?

Very good question! Laws are slow to change concerning adoption of new medical advancements, although PGx testing has been around for over 14 years and steady improving. It still is not a mainstream diagnostic tool for many practices. However the FDA requires testing for 256 known drugs that are highly problematic. Click here for the list

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10. Who should get tested?

Click here for a publication on who should urgently consider getting tested

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11. Is there more supported documentation?

Yes! Our patient resources, provide documents, forms, articles and many clinical studies to support PGx testing. Click here to visit Patient Resources

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12. Is my rep compensated from my test?

No! We are prohibited by law to profit from medical lab test. However like doctors we get compensated from the company we work for in providing this service.

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13. Can I help with the National Awareness Campaign?

Yes, absolutely we would love the help. There are two ways to extend the effort in our cause to raise awareness.

  1. Make a committed effort to inform as many people taking medications

  2. Become an advocate with us, and get compensated for your efforts

Health advocates are certified representatives that establish doctors office, inform the public and work with community organizations in raising awareness. Talk with your health advocate rep to learn more.

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14. How come I haven't heard of this before?

It's no secret big pharma companies are not entirely thrilled with the concept of personalized medicine. As awareness grows, more people will begin to tailor their medications to their specific genome type, and that means an uphill battle with the drug companies that are slowing our progress to bring this to the forefront..

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15. Can I get my children tested?

Yes! There is no age limit on who can get tested

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