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Although we may be good at what we do, sometimes our clients needs can go beyond our scope of work. That is why we have partner with the best companies in the industry to round our portfolio of services, regarding areas of payroll, compliance automation vendors, and much more. Be leary of benefit agencies who claim to do it all, unless they have specific departments that specialize in each area, all are highly complex, and need a certain level of expertise to be done properly.

It’s No Longer a Trend, It’s the Norm!

Automation in benefits administration is the way companies and organizations will create efficiencies, reduce admin burden, minimize human error, lower cost of operations and much more. We are a Tech based company inside of the Health Insurance Indusyry

Employee Benefits is All We Do!

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We work closely with your compliance officer or Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Typically big benefit brokerages with their own in house compliance officer, may offer this service as a selling advantage to would be clients, in actuality it is a double cost. This is why we choose to go a different direction, by working in conjuction with your existing CPA with changing laws to ensure adherence to all legislations and leverage all tax incentives concerning group coverage.

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Benefit Administration

We mange your employees using HR softare managent here at our home office and provide softward at your location as well to streamline the benefit admin function, all at no additional cost.>[Go to top]

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Employee Assistance Program

Through Guardian’s Worklife Em[ployee Assistance Program employees can get assistances in areas of Legal, Finance, Family and Medical Leave help. This is one of the most comprehensive EAP on the market today. Well balanced employee’s are more productive employees. Click the button below to learn more[Go to top]

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Employee Advocacy Program (EAP)

The main reason EAP was created was to help employees avoid financial hardships during a medical crisis by having adequate health insurance coverage.

Small group employer coverage have smaller risk corridors, meaning less covered lives means more financial risk to the carrier, one catastrophic illness in a group can spike cost for the carrier, and as cost goes up they have a tendency to shift the financial burden to the employer in the form of annual premium increases. More employer are dropping coverage or reducing benefits to contain cost.

Another problem, in most group environments there is at least one self appointed company administrator that tries to manage the group on their own. Group plans are typically a one size fits all with limited plan options. By adopting the EAP we cater to the individual, with benefit experts who can provide better service and more comprehensive coverage to your employees on an individual basis.

It's appealing to most employers because there is no participation requirements, no administration, no COBRA management and because there is no employer mandate for employers under 50 full time employees, there is no cost, only if the employer wish to offer an employee contribution through a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that is optional for employers with a limited budget to do so. Click here for more information on HRA's

Another problem with traditional group coverage, is they operate outside of the affordable care act and may not be subject to minimal essential coverage, plans my lack 10 components that offer additional consumer protections, click the learn more below
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Automation Tools

There is nothing more frustrating for administrators of companies and organizations than having to manually coordinate employee information across multiple systems and data management. We provide several automation tools to assist with the daily function of managing employees, from on-boarding, paid time off, workers compensation, COBRA administration and much more. [Go to top]

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Industry Forecast & Outlook

No benefit company can predict or regulate rates for group insurance. The ourtlook is that traditional group rates will continue to climb, some barriers for small group, includes participation decline, renewal rate hikes, shrinking plan design with annual cost increases. Fully insured traditional group model, may not be a good fit, it’s why we implemented a new benefit platform control cost, increases benefits, while minimizing group administration for your staff. It comes down to the knowledge and service and technical expertise that distinquish benefit brokers.[Go to top]

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QSE-HRA Solution for Small Groups Under 50

The best way for a small group employer with less than 50 full time employees, is to opt for a Qualified Small Employer - Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSE-HRA). One of the fastest growing solutions in the nation for offering coverage to employees on a conservative budget. It provides robust customized personal plan option while offering both tax incentives to both employer and employer. Click the learn more. [Go to top]

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Employee Portal

This website serves multiple functions, first as access point for onboarding employees, and second as a means of orientation, repository of information, a user community of other employees to cnne ct with and last direct communications with our benefit teams. This member benefit frees up your staff and allow us to be connected to your employees conveniently form their mobile devices, anywhere, any time.

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Retirement Financial Planning Tools

Through Foresters Financial Group, employee’s have self paced financial training and tools to help them secure a brighter financial future, with more companies foregoing 401k plans, this one comprehensive tool to offer to employees to help keep their financial goals on track, from investin strategies to market trends they can learn and do it all. Click the button below to learn more. [Go to top]

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Legal Assistance Plans Service

Although employee’s can get legal assistance through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) This legal plan service option is reserved for employee’s and employers who require on going comprehensive legal services. Click the button below to learn more. [Go to top]

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HRIS Automation Software

We provide Human Resource Integration Software (HRIS) to our employer groups with 5 or more full time employee’s at no cost. Streamline the management of data across multiple platforms and systems. Open architecture allows employers to integrate internal systems such as payroll, workers compensation and more. Click the button below to learn more. [Go to top]

Discount Card Program

One of the most comprehensivde discount cards available today, offering significant discounts on auto rental, vitamins, lasik surgery, glases, dental and much more. Click the buton to learn more

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